Toyota Yudong Shuangquing 2

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This is one of the concepts Toyota is showing this week in China.
But, besides the concept-like front end, this looks like a production car.
In fact, it looks like the next Corolla. Similar to some of the spy pix we saw a few weeks ago.

I think this would make a decent Corolla in the US.
I don’t expect Toyota’s next compact to look futuristic.
But the front end has a bit of “new Avalon” in it. And the rest is just fine.

What do you think?

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  1. I think this looks awesome! However, as with the Furia concept from the Detroit show, I bet the rear end doesn't really match the rest of the design. Remember when Toyota went back to the drawing board for the Corolla when it saw the 2006 Civic? Maybe Toyota has done the same after seeing how much of a fail the new Civic is (refresh or not).

  2. The front-end styling looks pretty good but the rest is just Odd… Very Odd.

    Oh Well.. At least it appears Toyota's trying (unlike Honda and Subaru).

  3. I think the roofline is really nice, something a little different than the big swoop we see so much now. Front end….could use a little more refining, overall good. Needs to get at least 40 MPG though

  4. I hate Toyota. But they're making good on their claims to bury Honda. And i think they will if this car resembles these sketches faithfully. Just dont cheapen it with trailor park plastics interiors.

  5. That front end is pretty nice. But the side of the car is a letdown. It's not ugly or anything… it's just that the front of the car had a lot going for it, and then you see the rest of what follows… and yea. Could have been better.

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