VW CrossBlue Coupe Concept

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This is nicer looking than any of VWs current SUVs.

At least there is a style. Something very simple.
Which I think works very well for the German brand.

I wonder if this is going to become the next Tiguan. Growing up in size it would compliment the line up nicely with the upcoming 7 seater, CrossBlue based crossover.

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  1. Not. Even. Close. To. Being. A. Coupe.

    Anyway… At least it looks exponentially less boring than any of VW's more recent designs.

  2. I really like the exterior, but man, could that interior be any less inviting? It's almost as depressing as the Dodge Journey.

  3. Love it. Notice the Phaeton cup holders in the console. I really appreciate VW's clean designs. Especially the interior in this and the new gti.

  4. I have to correct myself- I failed to realize the Dodge Journey has a NEW interior and it's quite nice! I was referring to the slabby-mcslabbles original interior, which looked about as cumfurbull as an electric chair.

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