VW Passat TDI test drive coming up.

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I have driven the Passat Diesel before
But this time, my test car is equipped with a 6 speed manual. Which makes it a rare find amongst mid sized sedans.
AndI will try to take another trip to the desert later in the week. To really appreciate the diesel’s amazing freeway range.

So far… I forgot how boring the interior of the US Passat is. Really. After being in the new Malibu for a week, this is almost depressing.

The grey doesn’t help I guess…

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  1. I O'gree Vince! I drove a 2013 Passat TDI SE manual tranny recently and was in need of a sunshine enema after sitting in that interior. I did however like the motor a lot and shifting, although not as easy-breezy as my GTI was a joy. The Passat most certainly is "Jetta+" which isn't a good thing. I'm looking forward to your opinion.

  2. I drove the Passat TDI last year. But this one has a stick, which I think is really interesting.

    But again, the diesel is much, much noisier than in the Golf or Jetta. For some weird reason..
    This one really sounds like an old fashion diesel.

    Which is really not for everyone….

  3. Ended up stuck with a relatives 2013 Passat while on vacation and found it to be one of the most dull, lifeless automotive appliances I've ever been made to endure… and That Interior Was Dreadful!

    It left me wishing that I'd accepted that Chrysler 200 they had at the airport rental.

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