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This fram was taken from a CBS piece on GM, back in 2009!

At the time, people speculated it was the clay model for a “smaller than Enclave” Buick SUV.
It does look like a Buick. But it’s not the small Encore that just came out.

I just wonder if it is something that has ben dropped entirely. Or still not out yet….

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  1. VUE, that never came out – Daewoo are currently driving yet a mule of it – new Chevy captiva, opel antara or… VUE

  2. There was a story a couple years ago about a midsize SUV for Buick, and that when it was shown to dealers in a preview the reaction was very negative. I think mostly based on styling. At that point, the project was cancelled, since complete redesign was expensive. I'm guessing that such an expense wasn't high enough on the priority list as GM worked to recover from the recession.

  3. Yaaa, it's just a clay model of the 2013 Enclave, look at a picture side by side. Obviously there were some changes to the bumper, but it's wearing the same rims.

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