2014 BMW X5

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Here it is. First official pix of the all new X5. As usual, looking pretty much like the old X5…

Or, now more than ever, a big X3.

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  1. Certainly a step backwards from a design perspective as it looks bloated, bulky and littered with far too much superfluous nonsense strewn about the body/interior… Makes one long for the clean muscularity of the 1st generation X5.

    … and what's with BMW's fixation with these infotainment systems that look like they forget to integrate the thing into the center stack, so they just plop any old bargain-basement tablet on top of the dash?

  2. I HATE the X3, and this is looking close enough to one to mimic the same emotion. If you look at the side of the car from the back, that waist line that dips down in the front.. Horrible. Headlights are too cartoonish. Shame

  3. The X3 is a junky looking thing. For the X5 to mirror that design is a huge mistake. This already looks outdated.

  4. Dumb basterds…They could only ruin the look of the current X5 though. The new X3 redesign was an improvement from the "old woman's shoe" look.

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