2014 Mazda 3 ?

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Still looks like an illustration to me. But also seems to match all the spy shots of the car.
So, if it’s not real, it is probably pretty close.

The next 3 should be quite a good looking car…

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  1. I agree – this looks like an illustration. However, I do think the end product will resemble this quite a bit. The nose will likely be toned down – closer to a Mazda 6. Other spy shots of the interior show a LOT of promise.

    Honda, Toyota and to a lesser extent Focus should be very concerned.

  2. This illustration and the spy shot of the interior are beautiful! Compared to the spy shots, this has to be very close to the real thing! I cant wait for this car to hit the dealer lots. Lets hope they make another speed version of the 3 and the 6!

  3. Perfectly and completely predictable lines in this Mazda design. That's Mazda's biggest problem. They always try to play safe.

  4. The visual design of the front end is awful. I really wish that Mazda would move away from this. It's just cheap and junky.

  5. The new 3 looks as stunning as the new 6. I love the sporty and a bit aggressive front end, the side lines. Just a perfect design. Best in class for me.

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