2014 Mercedes S-Class video.

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Looks like someone hangs out pretty close to the factory.

Here are a bunch of the new 2014 S-Class .
Still with various degree of camouflage. Most lights are still partially covered.
We this gives us a good idea.

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  1. Good thing the previously released pics of the interior look fairly impressive because the exterior is a HUGE Let-Down as it's nothing but the current version sans the Ford Focus-inspired fender flares with a droopy Maybach-ish butt grafted on for reasons unknown.

    This is easily the least impressive looking of all the 'premium' luxury cars.

  2. Mercedes droopy rears remind me of the old Infiniti J30 sedans. Not really a bad thing, it's just nothing new.

  3. Still just a warmed-over version of last decade's Maybach. THE MAYBACH FAIL: PART II: A lower price, a little trim change, and out it goes to suckers everywhere!!!

  4. Suckers? Who's the suckers…The banksters who print as much money as they want to buy these things or the "suckers" who actually work for their counterfeit?

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