2014 Nissan Qashqai/Rogue

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I hear the European Qashqai and US Rogue are supposed to share the same design for the next generation due out late this year.
This illustration supposedly shows the European model.

Which is not bad at all. Quite modern..

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  1. spy photos of test vehicles suggest there won't be an amber turn signal eyebrow over the headlights. Rear lights look a lot like the new Cherokee tail lights.

  2. This would be awesome! I enjoy how the reflectors of the headlights mimic the shape of the 370Z's tailights as well as the Juke's. First Nissan design in a while that truly looks good.

  3. Anything will be an improvement over the current twit mobile. The current Qashqui in Europe is a good design but it wont sell here until they put a "U" after the "Q".

  4. Actually, I heard what Burlapp said: Qashqai = Rogue. This also looks a lot like the Renault Captur which is quite attractive.

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