2014 Porsche 911 Turbo

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Legendary car. The 911 Turbo, really.

And it’s all new for 2014. Available in “regular” Turbo or Turbo S.
With 520hp or 560hp. Quite amazing from a 3.8 liter engine.

Now with a 7 speed automatic. Only!
The “PDK” they call it.

I call it an automatic dictatorship on a sports car legend.
Otherwise known as blasphemy. They should at least give a choice…

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  1. The performance of this 'new' Turbo is likely outstanding but the 911's design has now gone from being endearingly 'iconic' to Just Plain Lazy.

  2. Not really an "automatic dictatorship" More like a democracy: Supply & demand. What 51% whats, 100% gets and the other 49% be damned. (51% WANT automatics in their 911 ) It's called DEMOCRACY–and you live in one! (As opposed to a REPUBLIC; where the 10% who UNDERSTAND and REALLY CARE about what's going on set the rules. ( That's what the US was set up as origionally–a Rebublic; but it has since digressed into a Democracy.) Be careful what you stand behind–you may have to live with your decisions! Happy Motoring!

  3. if you have driven high performance european autos as I have, You would know that they perform outstandingly and that rowing the boat with your right hand makes no sense, move forward, you have no choice because the world's leading engineers said so. No Ferrari, Maserati, Lambo offer a stick, deal with it.

    If you are not in this market, your econobox brand still offers a stick.

  4. 911 is gorgeous no matter what. but if I were to buy one, it would have to be a true manual….sad day when that choice is eliminated.

  5. The PDK offers as much control as a manual transmission…in some cases more. And for the typical buyer who doesn't track his $100K+ automobile, and spends most of his time in heavy traffic a manual doesn't make a lot sense. Too much traffic today in metro areas to enjoy rowing the gears.

  6. I live in the metro, have had nothing but manual cars since I started driving in 1982. I love having a clutch and being involved in my driving. I will not own a vehicle without a clutch for my left foot …ever. simple as that.

  7. 911 is so Beautiful.Design is so hot.interior look so sexy.Light is so attractive.Sexy model.My dream car.

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