2014 S-Class: the back seat.

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I have to say this is pretty sumptuous. Or borderline ridiculous, depending how you see it….

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  1. The interior is an act of desperation. There is so much distraction, so many details, seams, flutes, divots, highlights, perforations, dips and undulations, I think I'd become nauseous sitting in it for an extended period. It looks like Mercedes is leading the way for the anti-driver car- That giant, distracting screen that surely will wreak havoc with wealthy yet clueless people everywhere.

  2. What's up with the previous-generation Acura RL (or current Hyundai Equus) taillights and trunk lid?

  3. Not my cup of tea. I like the big Jag better, the A8, the 750IL. Even the Lexus looks better than this. They could cut the price in half and I still wouldn't want it. How can they do such a nice job on the GL & E and screw this up so royally???

  4. I hate those banana shaped side glass area. The back one is longer than the front one and it makes it look disproportionate. Same with the huge grill and the vertical taillights. Besides that… not bad…

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