2014 Toyota Corolla teaser

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Small teaser so far. The real thing comes out in a couple of weeks.

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  1. oh goody, i can hardly wait.
    A Corolla TEASER???! That's like seeing teaser photos of Elgin's next urinal: WHO CARES!

    Toyoda Crapola teasers — LOL!

  2. Stunning! And it has an S on it. So it must be SSSSporty. Because, you know, it has that S on it.

  3. JOKE: the cameraman got so bored that he fell asleep.. so this is the only photo he was able to take just before falling asleep on the floor…lol

  4. That S is deceiving! I would only turn my head if I saw XRS…but that ain't happening. Vince, you forgot to mention that the base model will still use the 4 Speed Auto!

    – FusioptimaSX

  5. While a significant improvement for Toyota – and it'll likely continue to be a sales leader for Toyota – similar to the Camry, they're going to lose a boat load of share to other more agressive competitors….NEW Mazda 3, Kia Rio, Elantra, Focus and to a lesser extent – Civic and Dart, are going to continue to lead the way for style, share and eventually sales.

    This is destined to fight w/ Cruze, Sentra and whatever other yawn fests are out there.

  6. Unbelievable! All you toyota haters have seen is a little piece of the tailight and you are trashing the car. I have seen the car and it is quite impressive.

  7. The new corolla hatch has been on sale for a while here in Australia. While different from the sedan I'm sure, it is a huge improvement over the last. The only thing is that from the back it is very similar to the hyundai i30..

  8. Corolla teaser? That be like an 80 year old stripper in Vegas. Actually the new Corolla is a big improvement.

  9. All Toyota does to their "S" model is remove the muffler and slap on the "S" badge like some idiot high schooler might want it.

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