Audi Q3 now considered for the US.

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After claiming it would never happen, Audi is saying they would like to bring the compact Q3 to the US.
I guess they were just waiting to see how the BMW X1 was doing before committing…

The Q3 is based on the same platform as the VW Tiguan. In Europe is is offered with the regular 2.0 Liter Turbo or the TDI 2.0 engine.
7 speed S-tronic would be the only transmission offered in the US, of course.

Why not. If BMW can sell the X1 here, why not this.
It just looks like any other Audi model out there. And for some reason, it seems to be what people want…

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  1. No. Thank. You.

    There's just not enough difference (in any way) between this and the Q5 to even bother.

    SEE: Completely useless BMW X1 for an example.

  2. ball-crushingly boring. fancy audi bringing this to the US when they say they're going to start styling their cars differently

  3. No surprise I think since I'm fairly sure Audi confirmed the Q3 would come to US next year several months ago (see

    It's just a very delayed market introduction (which they often due to production volume issues).

    Same for A3. We'll see sedan next year (while it will be available fall in Europe).

  4. It only makes sense, especially since they seem to be on the fence about bringing over the next-generation A3 5-door.. a 2WD version of the Q3 would pretty much replace it.

  5. According to 2012 January:

    "Audi of America today announced plans to sell its Q3 compact crossover in the U.S. market following the start of European market production in late 2013."

    Not sure if that's still true but I think it's 2014 last from what I've heard.

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