More pictures of the all new Maserati Quattroporte S Q4

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It sure looks good, although maybe not better than the previous model…

The interior is, of course, very nice and plush. But again, not really an improvement.
Especially the tiny sunroof that starts behind the driver’s head. Which makes it pretty useless.

The V8 model is supposed to start at around $135 000.
For that much money, I don’t think the interior is that special, really. A new S Class is coming out really soon, and THAT has quite a stunning interior.

Also,  I really hate to compare an Infiniti to a Maserati. But a while ago I did drive a loaded M56 V8 costing about $75000. With an amazing V8 producing 420HP. I have to say the Infiniti’s interior looked really good when compared to these pictures…

But, sure…. Infiniti is no Maserati….

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  1. That is right Vince. Infiniti spends less time in the shop. And for those impressed about the "exotic" word "Quattroporte", all it means is 4door. This one is for the vanity crowd that screams "my toy is more expensive than yours." Did I leave out Range Rover?

  2. The new S is a mess. The Masaratti is a MUST. Even if the door switches are lifted from the current Chrysler line. (Although many of the switches on the "new" S bear a striking resemblance to the PREVIOUS generation Chryslers!)

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