New Volvo teaser. What is it???

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 So Volvo just released this thing. Which will be unveiled in just a few days. But what is it?

 Sharpening the picture doesn’t help much…

Most people seem to think this is just the 2014 XC60 pictured above. The one with a new front end.

But the teaser does look a bit different up front. And the rear quarter window doesn’t seem to have the exact same shape.
Does it look big enough to be the all new XC90?

What do you think???

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  1. Hard to say.. the entire greenhouse appears taller and less sloping toward the rear, and the lower grille guard/skid plate looks different.. but otherwise it seems to be the XC60. If that's the XC90, they may have a hard time selling it for another 12 model years relatively unchanged.

  2. Excuse my comment from ths vid….probably the XC90, its the only thing we haven't seen yet…scratch my V60 comment.

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