Something you don’t see every day: Kia K9

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Also named Quoris in some markets…
But this one says “K9” on it, so I guess thi s is a Korean model. Caught in Hollywood on the 101 freeway.
Not sure if Kia is ready to sell the big RWD sedan over here, but this is the 2nd one I see around. I saw a silver one pull into a restaurant parking lot a few months ago.

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  1. Wait… is it 2002 again? This looks like a mashup of every ten year old flagship ever sold. I guess that's one strategy, of sorts.

  2. They will probably keep inventory levels low & not all dealerships will get them. I saw a 2014 cadenza with a window sticker just below $43,000.00 yesterday. I doubt they sell very many of those either.

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