2014 BMW 4-Series

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Just as predicted, nothing more than a 2 door 3 series.

If they gave it a new name. you’d think they could make it just a little different. Maybe a new dashboard??
Looks like the 4 series name is just a trick to raise prices.
At least Audi made the A5 coupe different from the A4 sedan it is based on…

I am sure this will look fine in real life. In a better color. With a small chrome line around the windows. And a classier color inside.
Who at BMW picked this interior color combo to represent the car???
This is the 1st impression we get of an all new model, and they pick the most vulgar color they offer…

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  1. The exterior looks pretty boring and that J.C. Whitney sourced side vent thingy just looks cheap and tacky.

  2. It's got a squished Vageene front-fascia. Side profile handsome, trendy. Details busy. Moving in on boy-racer. Overal, a German Ford Mustang.

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