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The new Chevy sedan will cost $44 470 loaded. With the only options being a $900 sunroof and a $500 full size spare tire (?!?!).

A lot of money to spend at a Chevrolet dealership. Sure, it is just a bit less expensive than similar Chrysler 300 SRT or Dodge Charger SRT.
And they also predict only 3000 to 5000 sales a year, so they don’t really care.

I can’t even see that many people interested, for what is basically a refreshed 7 year old design….

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  1. You don't see the appeal of a 415hp sports sedan? Vince, are you insane? $44k means that this car isn't for the poors. There is something more honest about having this be a Chevy, than putting a Buick or Cadillac badge on it. It's also refreshing that they didn't go Fast N Furious with the styling. I haven't read any reviews on it yet, but if they are remotely positive, then Chevy will have a waiting list for this thing.

  2. I saw this at the NY Auto Show and it actually had good presence in person. A very nice performance value, basically a four door Corvette. That money buys you some pretty mediocre performance from a lot of other brands.

  3. At 44,470 = a sunroof should NOT be optional. Sometimes I wonder what the powers to be at GM are thinking. But that explains why I've never owned a GM product.

  4. This could have easily been named Chevelle SS, which would allow for V6-powered lower priced variants to follow. They are also missing out on bringing the Ute to the US, whether they call it El Camino or SSR. With the SS name, Chevy is needlessly limiting their audience.. when the Impala tanks, they just might change their mind.

  5. Charging for a spare? I don't care what the MSRP is. Any car company that charges for a spare tire won't get my business.

  6. The price makes some sense. It's $20,000 less than a CTS-V, and only a little more than a CTS with a 3.6 V6.

    The SS and CTS are built on the same platform, so you get a choice between a Cadillac with 300+ hp or a Chevy with 400+ hp. It all depends on which one looks better in your driveway.

    I would personally get a C350 for less money, or an Audi or a BMW, or even a Volvo S60 T6 R-Design.

  7. I dont understand why is it twice the price of Camaro. Here in Brazil, the old Chevrolet Omega, used to be sold for R$ 120.00,00. And the Camaro for R$ 200.00,00, which is the opposit of what u have in the US, where the Sedan is much more expensive

  8. "Any car company that charges for a spare tire won't get my business."

    Anyone this petty isn't worth the bother.

    "At 44,470 = a sunroof should NOT be optional. "

    Says who? If you're interested in this car, then go negotiate with the dealer. Not everyone wants a sunroof.

    "I dont understand why is it twice the price of Camaro."

    It's not. What you pay in Brazil has nothing to do with the rest of the world.

  9. This is a limited edition low production model. I don't think they expect to sell a lot of them. They will probably only keep it on the market for a couple years, then it will become a collectors model.

  10. I am having cosmetic touch up on my 2008 Honda Accord. Not having my car for a few days, I have a loaner. A 2012 Chevy Impala. I feel like I am driving my fathers 1978 Suburban! I am totally shocked that there are people who accept driving dinosoars. Egonomics are horrible! It's a huge car with no room inside, poor visibility, squeezy back seat and is a gas guzzler. The front seats are wide enough for oversized people however there is no lumbar support. I feel as though I am sitting in a high school gymnasium. My point is. Shame on GM for putting out cars that are 30 year old technology touting new leather seats for $44,470??? REALLY?… this is a collectors item, not a driving machine.

  11. Anon 8:58:

    A 2012 Imapala is a $20,000 car. The 2013 is a totally different model. The car here is RWD and has nothing to do with the Impala.

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