2014 Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

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A longer, roomier and more conservative version of the compact C4 Picasso minivan we saw just a few weeks ago.
Still much more modern looking than almost anything we are getting over here in that segment.
Minivans from Honda and Toyota are far from even looking modern.

There might be hope for the next Chrysler Town and Country (no more Dodge version). Wich could use a dose of Italian influence in its design…

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  1. I did a focus study on the next Chrysler Minivan recently. It's very sleek for a minivan. The front grill was designed for a Chrylser logo. No Dodge crosshairs so that helps confirm the rumors that it will be Chrysler only. Exterior Styling is fluid and done to not make it boxy or look bulky. More wagon like. But interior space was not compromised. I was surprised. Inside the instrumentation is all LCD screens, customizable and evolutionary of what was put in the Dart.

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