2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

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This is the regular Hybrid version of the current Accord. Not the horrific looking Plug-in version.
So, thankfully, it looks more like the regular models.

No price has been announced yet, but it will be cheaper than the $40 500 Plug-in model.
Although, at least in japan, it is priced about $6000 more than the Camry Hybrid (Go figure…)

The new Hybrid System is more similar to the one Toyota has been using for years. And it allows the car to run on electric power only for a while. Unlike previous Hybrids from Honda.

Mileage is expected to be 49City/45HWY.

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  1. Not sure why someone would buy this. The fuel economy with the regular 4 banger is damn good. I guess it will come down to how much extra Honda wants to charge for the hybrid model.

  2. Not sure why anyone would choose this over the cheaper and more practical Prius that has a proven track record.

  3. I personally like the front of the Accord Plug in Hybrid. I Think its much ore distinctive looking.

  4. June 21, 2013 at 12:03 PM That's all???? I get 33MPG in my 6-cylindar BMW 535xi with all-wheel drive!

    I hope these new Honda Hybrids are more reliable that the last generation. My neighbor wound up sueing Honda–and winning $5600–just for poor reliability and incessant break downs.

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