2014 Mazda3

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Another really nice looking Mazda3.
Not the most original, since it looks like a smaller hatchback version of the Mazda6 sedan design.
Same thing inside, where it doesn’t seem as original as the current interior. Things are pretty straight in there now.
At least it shows a nice and big GPS screen, unlike the tiny cheap looking one used in the 6 and CX5.

No words on US engines yet, but I expect the same choices as the CX5.
2.0 Liter with 155 or 2.5 liter with 184hp. That would make sense…

More pictures and US specs coming really soon.

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  1. The exterior looks like it was designed by a 12 year old cartoon boy. The backend and interior look nice.

  2. Now THAT is an f-ing sexy car! I'll take mine in black with the 2.5 and 6 speed manual please.

    This is a very rare situation where a production car has vastly exceeded my expectations in terms of style inside and out. Can't wait to test drive one!

  3. …CX5, 6 Sedan, and now this hot little number! The drumroll begins for the next MX5 which should be a stunner.

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