2014 Nissan Versa Note pricing

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 The versa Note will replace the old Versa hatchback. Overseas, it is known as just the “Note”.
What we are getting here in the US will be a cheapo version of the Note.

The base model will start at $14 000. Or about $1500 less than the Honda Fit.
The “S Plus CVT” model will be $15 240.
While the top of the line SV model will cost $16 000.
SL and SL Tech packages are available for $1700 and $800.

The base model is about $700 cheaper than the old Versa Hatchback.

All models are powered by the same 1.6 Liter engine, and rated at 31/40MPG when equipped with the CVT.

This is the Note. The more upscale one sold overseas. With a nicer interior and available glass roof.

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  1. We use the current Versa as company cars at work. Words cannot express how much I HATE these cars. This one definitely looks better. We've had a lot of trouble with these cars. I wouldn't recommend the current Versa to anyone!

  2. Nice how the new center stack vents don't match the outer vents. Too bad they saw FIT to water this down for the US market. 🙁

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