2014 Opel Insignia Wagon

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I just posted this because I always liked the Insignia wagon. And wished GM had sold it in the US as the Regal wagon.
But they never did, and won’t….

I think it’s just too bad. Buick doesn’t have a crossover between the Encore and the Enclave. So there would be room for a really nice looking mid sized wagon like this one.

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  1. I agree Vince. It would be a great opportunity for them as these days those of us that want a station wagon and not a cross-over need to buy foreign. And even those options are limited. Very nice looking car.

  2. Don't make it a Buick. Make it a Chevy. If it is a Buick, they will mark it up too much and no one will buy it. Look at the Acura Wagon. How many of those do you see around? It should have been a reasonably price honda and it would have sold TONS.

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