Alfa Romeo 4C video

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Watch the car being built.

After seeing this, you get why this will not be an affordable small sports car.
There is a rumor of a $78 000 asking price in the US.

Quite a lot. Much more than the new $53 000 Porsche Cayman. Which seems to be its main competition.
But also , with only 1200 units shipped here, much more exclusive.

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  1. Why would anyone want something that is hand built? That video is disgusting. This thing should be built properly by robots.

  2. The $78,000 price include a 20% VAT that we do not have in the US. Divide by 1.2 to remove that amount and you are at $65k, and that is for the special launch edition. Regular one will probably go for around $60k.

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