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I was lucky to spend a few days in Europe recently, and noticed a few cars.

 The Golf Cabrio seems to be the most popular Convertible I saw over there. Much more so than the Beetle, or any other convertible for that matter. And it is pretty new.
I must say, it looks really good in person.

 This one I expected to be popular. The tiny VW Up!. 4 and 2 door models are very common over there. Not as small as I though, but the interior is really basic.

 The cute Audi A1 is also easy to find. Still looking really good after a few years on the road.

I didn’t take this picture, obviously, but the small Daihatsu Terios was the car I saw the most during my few days in Greece. A friend of mine also owned one so I got to ride in it.
The small 1.5 Liter engine seemed to struggle at freeway speed. But it was pretty roomy considering the small size. And actually fine for an inexpensive SUV. (Starting at around 18 000 Euros over there)
Looking pretty good too.

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  1. I expected a lot of VAG product…and gotta love that Hummer in the background. But where are the Fords?

  2. Ford cars aren't really hugely popular on the Continent. They're considerably more commonplace in the UK, which may actually account for around a quarter to a third of Ford's European sales, depending on model.

  3. Thanks for the info about the Terios. I'm considering importing one from Germany. We don't have them in Sweden.

    Apart from the UK, Fords are pretty common in Germany and Scandinavia as well.

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