Is Dodge dying?

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The future doesn’t look too bright for Dodge.

There has been no words about new models.

 -The Avenger is going away next year. There is a replacement for its Chrysler 200 cousin, but nothing so far for Dodge.
-Chrysler/Fiat has already announced there will be only one version of their next Minivan. Which will almost certainly go to Chrysler.
-It has already lost all its truck line to the new Ram Truck brand.
-The new Viper is sold under the new SRT brand, it’s not a Dodge anymore.
-Yes, there is a new redesigned Challenger coming soon. But it will probably also be sold under the SRT brand, as a Barracuda.

Put all these news together and you have no future for the Dodge brand.
I think Fiat made the decision years ago. They’re just not ready to announce it yet.

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  1. Maybe they think the Dodge name just doesn't sound "21st century and beyond" enough. Similar to Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Studebaker and other names that seem more like the 1950s than Scion, Lexus, and such. It will be a shame if it happens too. All of Detroit is coughing its name brands when the Asians and one European are ever expanding.

  2. I think Dodge could disappear in the next few years.

    Fiatsler is already referring to the next gen 200 as a Camry/Accord/Fusion competitor. I think this signifies that Fiatsler is viewing the Chrysler brand as more of a mainstream family vehicle brand than a premium or luxury vehicle brand. The cold hard truth of the matter is that Chrysler isn't really viewed as a premium or luxury vehicle brand anymore in the U.S. market. It would be wise for Fiatsler to position the Chrysler brand in this mainstream portion of the market.

    With the spinoffs of the RAM and SRT brands and the Chrysler brand moving into the mainstream portion of the market, there really doesn't seem to be any room for the Dodge brand in the future. Seriously, if the Dart was given the Viaggio's exterior treatments (which actually look more upscale) and a new model name under Chrysler branding, would it sell any worse or better than it does now? I think that customers in the compact sedan segment are more focused on efficiency and tech features than a sporty image. The sales leaders in the segment certainly reinforce this stance.

    I think Dodge should have been made the commercial vehicle/truck brand or the affordable performance brand. Instead, Fiatsler spun off RAM and SRT, which left Dodge without two of its strongest brand images.

  3. There is a new Dodge Journey coming next year. Not to mention the new DART and refreshed Durango. Just because they haven't announced anything doesn't mean that they're killing off the Brand. I think you should give them time.

  4. except that Journey has been the #1 seller in Canaca, a top seller in South America, and a strong seller in several regions in the US. And Caravan is the #1 selling minivan in Canada and #2 in the us (behind Town & Country but ahead of Toyota, Nissan, VW and Kia) and batteling for #2 year in and year out with Honda's Oddessy. I doubt they'll be dropping those 2 Dodges. Or the CHARGER. And they just spent a fortune on an all-new DART. Probabally going to contine for at least 5 years no matter what. I don't thinke the sky is falling on Dodge, Chicken Little!

  5. June 15, 2013 at 8:48 AM

    don't be absurd. The 200 is 30MPG, 285HP and more room than Accord… all for $20-$25. And in my opinion, it drove really well for a sub $40k mid size. Of course my daily driver is a 2011 535xi — so what do I know.

  6. All entry-level brands are ultimately doomed. The price spread is just too small between a Dodge and a Chrysler, a Chevy and a Buick, a Mitsubishi and anything else.

  7. dodoge will neg ver fdir die s they sold more ca rs than most foreigner s last year alone. they are doing just fine thank you very much

  8. Although owned by Fiat (and Daimler before that), Dodge is perhaps the last brand standing that makes cars with uniquely American styling. The Charger is drop dead gorgeous and they sell quite a few of them. The Challenger is a great alternative for guys who want a 2-door car but something bigger than Camaro/ Mustang. The Dart is a really sweet little car that's just getting off the ground.

    Hopefully you're wrong, Vince. Killing off Dodge would be as sad as the death of other unique marques like Saab. They may not be your cup of tea, but must every car on the road be all cut from the same bolt of cloth?

  9. Don't get me wrong. I do not support the Death of Dodge, as it would be very sad to see yet another US brand disappear.
    But the signs don't look too good…

  10. Its up to parent company Fiat fore sure, Dodge, Chrysler sales are holding their own in the states but Fiat not so much so down the road within a couple years it surprise me to see Dodge go away, very bad move I think.

  11. Dodge will be gone in the next 5 years because of MPG laws and will be replaced by Fiat. That's why they separated Ram from Dodge.

  12. TO: June 18, 2013 at 3:47 PM

    I, too; think the CHARGER is "drop dead gorgeous" and I'm 54. Of course I work out every day–and running 3 companies keeps me thinking faster & "younger" than most of my peers.

    …and I can easily AFFORD a CHARGER SRT. lol.

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