Mercedes SL wagon

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Not really. But yes…
Coachbuilder Studio Torino is putting a CLS Shooting Brake type rear end to the SL convertible.

I guess there might be enough people in the world willing to pay the extra money for that…

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  1. Looks like little more than the hideous Merc SL front end grafted onto a squished Chrysler Crossfire rear.

    One things for certain – It's Not Even Close To Being A 'Wagon'.

  2. This thing needs to be aborted. Truly taking the worst part of the SL, the front, and grafting on a Kardashian back end. Some may like that sort of thing. I don't.

  3. Here we go again with the stupid names. This is hardly a "wagon". I think since the world is saturated with four door "coupes" this should be called a "sedan hatchback". That would make more sense :/

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