Toyota NS4 Concept Video

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For some reason, Toyota is showing the car and this new video at the Buenos Aires auto show this month.
We have already seen the NS4 concept last year. At the time people thought it was a preview of the 2015 Prius.

Since they are showing it again, maybe it is…

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  1. Nah.. too big and sedanish to replace the Prius. More than likely a replacement for the JDM market Avensis and Sai models.

  2. Equal to the striking good looks of this vehicle are the production values of the video. Proof that Toyota understands that style and class are just as important as quality and reliability. The new Corolla is an indication they will move forward with more visually appealing vehicles…a small step but at least the "rolling appliance" Corolla is a thing of the past…

  3. It would be the 4th iteration of the Prius…hence the NS4 code name. Hopefully it won't be sporting the gaping bass mouth with upper chrome mustache as seen on the new Avalon.

  4. Such a cliche and overwrought video. But the car itself looks really good. Has a profile similar to that of a Volt.

  5. I cannot wait for Gen4 to come out. I have a Gen2 model now. I test drove the Gen3 and didn't like it as much as my current car (Gen2). Most demensions are bigger on the Gen3, but it seems more crowded do the overdone center stack, the tall dash. It is a bit louder on the road too. However, overall the Gen3 is more refined. As said, I will stick to the my Gen2 car until this comes out at or around 2015. I still hope they produce a hatch for this car. Amazing what you can fit in these cars. I will say though I do like the picture of this concept.

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