2014 Hyundai Equus prices

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The revised Equus is about $1700 more expensive than last year. At $ 61 920
But that includes additional equipment, like a 9.2 inch LCD screen, LED fog lights, 3 zone climate control and blind spot detection. And a vastly improved interior.
The loaded Ultimate model is now $68 920.

This is still about $11 000 less than the base Lexus LS.
Should it be even less?

So far it seems to work for Hyundai. As they did sell almost 4000 units last year. While the more established LS sold over 8000 units.
Still, not bad at all for a new player.

On another note, checking sales charts, I found out that the new Cadillac XTS seems to be quite a success. Selling over 15 000 units last years. And almost that much for this year already.
I realize that many are probably fleet cars, but still. (I will be test driving one soon and will report on it.)

Good for them.

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  1. $60K-$69K looks like a bargain next to Lexus. But next to the latest from Cadillac, BMW, Lincoln or Jag it seems WAAAAYYYY OVERPRICED. After all, a $50k 5-series or CTS is one H311 of a lot more refinement than anything fro Lexus/Toyota or Hyundai/Kia

  2. Vince,

    The people I know who own these are the type who would have bought a big Buick or Chrysler back in the day.

    It's not a Lexus crowd, they just want the biggest most comfortable car for their money, with a few high-tech gadgets to impress their friends.

  3. This car is such a joke. It's just a mashup facsimile of a bunch of real luxury cars. It could be twice the price, or half the price. It still wouldn't sell either way.

  4. Who in hell would buy a Hyundai at this price. Thisviscreal car category. For frig sakes the new Maserati Ghibli will Be in this range.

  5. This is embarrassing for Hyundai. They really should just continue making solid mid priced cars, working up to a luxury car over time. Hyundai simply hasn't been making adequate cars for long enough to warrant the price of this. They don't have the respect of the luxury customer, and the vehicles still don't have good enough long-term durability to displace the current luxury brands. And the Equus just highlights how ill-equipped Hyundai is to build and market a luxury car.

  6. Hyundai and Kias run of the mill, average cars are just that ….average. They arent really successful at building a good car, so why make one in luxury car territory. Proof that they see themselves in a different light than the rest of the planet sees them….visions of grandeur…spells trouble

  7. I'm sorry…who are these people pouting about "how dare the Equus exist" when it has sold half the amount of LSs last year (and the LS does not sell in good numbers anymore). The Equus will soon surpass 8000 easily…most cars are no longer junk so it's not equitiable to say it's "Just a Hyundai" anymore. I'm beginning to appreciate the brand from not hiding it's luxo items behind a separate badge.


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