2014 Infiniti Q60

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The “old” G37 Coupe/Convertible is now the “new” Q60.
Which means an all new design will have to wait a while…

Too bad.

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  1. next infiniti and altima coupe, if they build them have to be thought out better. They are reliable and good looking etc, but the back seats are useless. They shortened the wheelbases of both cars from the altima sedan and the g sedan…..mistake. A coupe done right is the maserati granturismo. I know it's a different category, but a big part of that cars appeal is that the back seats work. So, if you are going to cramp the rear seats, don't build it. I am a dealer btw. I once actually had a nightmare, no joke, that I was in the back seat of the altima coupe and was horribly clostrophobic.

  2. Who came up with this dumb naming scheme? if every vehicle in the line up begins with Q, then logically the Q has no meaning and can be dropped.

  3. Q is a dumb name. It used to be the letter for the Infiniti flagship. That failed massively. Now "Q" generally known as the letter for an Audi SUV. The whole effort seems like misplaced priorities for the brand.

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