2014 Mazda 3 sedan

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Looking good. For a small sedan.

Many are already saying this picture is fake, since it does match an official shot of the new 3 hatchback published last week.
I think it’s real, since car manufacturers do this all the time. Computerized illustrations.

Plus, if it’s not real, it is probably so close to the real thing that it doesn’t matter anyway…

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  1. Great scoop Vince. Looks very much like the Mazda6 rear end but without the chrome trim. Still a good design.

  2. It might as well look like that. It's interesting hwo the models are all starting to look the same….I wish they still had more design variation between each model. But alas, "Audi Syndrome" has kicked in.


  3. Well, I'm really excited by what Mazda is doing. I agree that they're starting to look a little TOO much alike, but I think Mazda's in a situation where they have to do or die. So with the success of the CX5 and CX9 redo's, they're playing it safe (?)… if thats even the correct word cuz I think these designs are a lot more daring than anything from the other Japanese makers. I've been a die hard Honda fan, but I honestly think Mazda may get my next purchase. Can't wait to see the rest of the sedan and the Mazda 2 redo coming up.

  4. I have a feeling Subaru is going to wish it hadn't let Toyota eff up its Impreza design, once the Mazda 3's start hitting the streets. I hope Mazda makes AWD and performance versions of the 3, as well as expands the line-up to a coupe (based directly off the sedan). With that, they could see real market share stolen from Civic, Impreza, Sentra, etc… maybe even the new Corolla.

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