2014 Mazda 3 sedan

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There it is, the “trunk added” version.
Of course much more conservative looking. In my opinion, not nearly as good looking as the hatchback. And not as striking as the Mazda 6.

But that is usually the case with small cars with a trunk…

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  1. Difficult from these angles to have a good view, but they got rid of the dorky tail lights and the silly grille. And with better looking wheels and the 2.5, we have one of the top rated compacts.

  2. I actually think it looks pretty good.. not a home run, but definitely better than Cruze, Corolla and Civic. It actually reminds me of the 2nd-gen Integra sedan and the first Lexus IS.. they'll likely sell a ton.

  3. This is a really good-looking small sedan. Much, much better than the current and new Corolla, the Sentra, the Civic and more. The only small sedans that may be better looking are the Elantra and I love the new Kia Forte. the exterior looks very sophisticated.

  4. The DART is better-looking; but it's the ONLY one that's better looking than this. (Of course the 41MPG DART is also about a foot longer)

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