2014 Toyota Corolla. European Version

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The European version is the white car on top.
To me, it is just different enough to make the US version worse.
Not by much mind you.
But the rear of the US one tries to be a small Camry while the Euro one looks more like a small Avalon.

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  1. How do we not know that those taillights and grille will be part of the US XLE model? The pics released for the US are obviously a base/fleet model.

  2. Actually our US headlights look more Avalon-esque, and the tailights look more proportionate to the size. The US version is way better. But in the anti-Toyota US auto presses, it is always en vogue to say the Euro or Asian versions look better. If the two designs were reversed, people would still say the Euro version looks better.

  3. to ask which looks better, the US or Euro version; is like asking what tastes better: pig turds or raw sewage.

  4. That turd of a car is the pure definition of Fugly! I'm sure Toyota will sell a boat load of them, but I wouldn't be caught dead in that monstrosity.

  5. this is just wonderful, we waited 10 years for a new corolla and in the end, its a small camry , which i hate ….ohhhh toyota, u make ugly cars

  6. The US model looks like it was designed by idiot children. I bet sales will fall and they will use the Euro style in a few years.

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