2014/15 Nissan Versa?

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This is what the Versa will look like for the next year. In China, where they call it Sunny.

Not sure if the new face will come over to the US or not.
But it’s not really an improvement… 

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  1. Another vanila blob of crap from Nissan. What happened to the Carlos Ghosen that produced inspired designs that made people want to buy their cars?????

  2. Terrible car. Truly.

    But more importantly, I thought this site was gone forever. I've been bumming for days. So excited to find that you're still here.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Ghosn ruined Nissan. Pre Ghosn was the best Nissan. I haven't bought any of his trash since he has taken over, and I was a loyal Nissan owner since 1985. Nissan RIP

  4. I love how everyone always rips on Nissan vehicle yet the Altima was number 1 selling car last year and they sell a ton of versa around the world. Not every car is meant to have a manual trans with 400hp. Most people can't afford a car over 12K so bland cars a necessity.

  5. McDonald's sells more hamburgers around the world than any one else. That doesn't mean they are anything special.

  6. "Altima was the number one selling car last year".
    No. It wasn't. Not on this planet.

    It was number 4 (with 302 934 units). A very good showing yes. Number one, no.

    Cheap cars are necessary, not bland/ugly ones. It doesn't cost more to make a good looking car.

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