2015 Mazda 2

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Mazda will soon redesign the small Mazda 2. It will no longer share its platform with the Ford Fiesta.
But will be based on a shorter version of the one used by the new Mazda 3 and CX5.
So this will be 100% Mazda.

There are now rumors of smaller 3 cylinder engines, and even a hybrid version for the Japanese market (Not the US).
We’ll see.

An all new CX-9 is also coming soon.

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  1. An all new CX-9 BETTER be coming soon. Rarely do vehicles receive a 2nd refresh and it was disappointing to see the LED brake lights disappear. More than likely it will be based on the Mazda 6 like the previous one (which was based on the original Mazda 6 and used for the previous Fusion and current Edge). I also wonder what engine it will use since the 6 no longer has a V6.

    It's good news that the 2 will be based on the 3.

    I hope one day they bring a larger sedan again to compete against the Genesis, GS, 5 series, etc. They need a Mazda 9 to be a complete lineup again. Price it starting at $33,000. This didn't work well for Mazda back in the 90s…but a $30,000 Mazda is no longer the shocker that it once was since the 6, CX-7, and CX-9 go into that range. Base a coupe off of it like Hyundai and they are set! Mazda 9 and MX-9, just like how the MX-6 will be making a come back.


  2. I'm with you, FusioptimaSX! I always thought a Mazda9 could be a downright fantastic E-segment car. Excellent competitor to Crown, Maxima, Charger, Falcon, Taurus, Impala, Genesis, or any other such car in the world. Doesn't have to be RWD, but at least AWD.

  3. This car has always been shortchanged by the US distribution in terms of content and capability. Much better content and interiors were available in the JDM. So I'm hoping this pic is faithful to the design and they'll improve the interior even above what we're seeing on the new 3. With more sporting flair, better content (including a moonroof option), I could see the 2 taking a share of Honda's upcoming and ugly as hell Fit/Jazz sales.

  4. Mazda: the 2 needs much better fabric seats, no orange or red lighting, and some serious options like any other car – sunroof- ….. if you want it to sell well. Not just the new SkyActiv suite of technologies.

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