2015 Subaru Legacy???

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This was just sent to me by a reader. Stating it was the next Legacy.
Sure, it could be. But it could also be a bunch of things.
A Maxima? It seems so boring it could also be something from 1989.

Subaru really, really needs to stand out. They have missed so many opportunities in the last few years.
If this is actually the next Legacy, it is pretty sad. 

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  1. It looks almost identical to the '89 Maxima. But I'm pretty sure it is a Subaru, the windows and sharp edges around the greenhouse are very similar to the current Impreza. Remember when Subarus didn't even have framed window glass? Times have definitely changed.

  2. Looks too much like the current one. Way to pull a Honda.

    The rear by itself looks like the previous Altima.

    This is bad….it's turning into the next Galant…at least it has AWD.

  3. Another dumb comment by Burlapp. How the hell can he—or anyone—comment on the styling of a car that is so camo-heavy.

    How 'bout we wait until we see the actual car before declaring a win or fail?

  4. I have almost no doubt in my mind that this is the next Legacy. The framed windows and side mirrors are almost identical to the new Impreza's. Looking kind of lame so far.

  5. Yes, it is a Legacy. Leftlanenews.com has the pics of the Outback and it has the same headlight design.

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