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This was just sent to me. No idea what it is.
The lights remind me of Audi. I can’t see a tail pipe, could it be an EV?

But it’s not the new A3….

Any idea?

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  1. These are German licence plates and if I spot it correctly, the first two letters say "GG". These are used in the area of "Groß Gerau", which is closeby to Rüsselsheim. This is why every new (and disquised) Opel uses "GG" licence plates. So it´s either an Opel or a Hyundai (whose European R&D is located in Rüsselsheim as well).

    That said, it´s quite a surpise – I was thinking "Audi" when I saw this. So my guess is that this is either the production version of the Calibra (Cascada coupe) or the Monza (you posted earlier).

  2. I doubt this is an Audi. It does not have that ugly overbite panel above the license plate holder that Audi has been doing lately.

  3. not as small as you think. I'm guessing Acura TLX/Euro Accord? – they've been hiding their tailpipes

  4. Someone already said Renault Laguna, and I would agree with that. the thing is, it looks so similar to the current Laguna Coupé, that I'm surprised that Renault wouldn't do something more different for the next gen

  5. I also see "GG" in the licence plate. So it should be an Opel or a Hyundai, although Seat is also located there I think. But the rear view mirrors look more like Opel to me…so maybe it is really the Calibra or Monza…

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