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The i3 Electric car is coming soon. And looking really close to the original concept.
Cars driving around still have some camouflage hiding the side window shape. But you can see it on the patent illustration above.

We don’t know much yet, but here are some early specs:

-Should start at around $35 000 in the US before incentive. (Which could put it at around $25 000)
-A 2 cylinder range extender/generator will be a $2000 option.
-Electric range of 130 to 160Km. Or 200km in EcoPro mode.
-Total range with the Range extender: 300km.
-19 inch wheels
-30mn quick charge for 80% of battery. Or 8hrs full battery with 240W
-Top speed about 90MPH

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  1. The rear door design is neither attractive or functional. Also, the motorcycle tires look out of proportion for the mass of the vehicle.

  2. Why do I get the feeling that once the dimensions and specifications are known, they will be suspiciously similar to the Mini Cooper Clubman/ClubVan?

  3. The black plastic everywhere makes it look cheap. First couple years of the X3 had the same problem

  4. It will no doubt be the safest car in the sub-$40k Hybrid category. And by far the most athletic. But tiny econo cars are not my thing. BMW's however… I'll definite take a serious look at this one. It would make a great 3rd or 4th car for quick trips to the store. Think they would let it on the golf course???

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