Convertible sales down, down…..

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This is sad.
Convertibles now amount to just 1% of the US market.
Half of what it was in 2006.

But there are also less models to choose from. The Solstice/Sky are dead. So is the Solara and the S2000.
And the best seller Mustang (just 6421 units last year) is in its last year of the current design.
So is the Miata (only 1822 sold last year)

Convertibles are my favorite body style and I hope sales pick up.

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  1. Wow.. had no idea how few Mustang convertibles were sold every year! I seem to see them everywhere in LA! 🙁

  2. The conspiracy to just sell Americans sedans, SUVs, crossovers, and full-size pickups (all with automatics) rages on.

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