Look at this asshole….

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This is quite amazing and sad.
Not being able to even take the 1st turn, this guy just speeds up and looses control. Mowing down 17 people in the process…

Amazingly enough, no one died . 

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  1. SAD. ….I do not understand why spectators have to stand so close to the road where they know high speed race cars are whizzing by them mere inches away. Same thing in my city(any big city) where i often see pedestrians standing right on the corner of intersections waiting to cross…meanwhile buses, dump trucks and other large truck are turning Right hand turns, sometimes hopping the corner curb. Here in Vancouver, i recall a middle aged woman getting killed by a large dump truck turning up over the corner curb and over where the lady was standing. Another time i witnessed a black Grand National almost run over a baby carriage as both the driver and the young lady pushing her baby carriage were being unattentive.

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