Mini Vision Concept: Not the next Mini

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Not even close.

From what we’ve seen in the spy shots published around the web just a few weeks ago, the next Mini is quite different.
The rear lights, rear hatch/bumper, hidden C-pillar, front grille and bumper etc… All these concept elements are not in the production car.
As for the interior, it is 100% concept.
Although you would think that after 3 generations of the “new” Mini, it would look at least that modern by now.
But no… It won’t. At all.

I am not sure what they chose to show a concept that has nothing, or almost, to do with their production model that is just around the corner.


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  1. I have to agree that this looks very close to the production Mini spy pictures. Sure, this has show car flim-flammery, but it is a show car.

    Some spy pics of the production car were taken from high above and made it look ugly and squashed. It looks much better in these ground-level pictures.

  2. I'm sad to see, on the spy shots, that the loss of the b-pillar is a concept-only feature. I'm also sad to see that the windshield stretching from over a-pillar and meeting with the door windows… is also a concept-only feature. And, I have a feeling that the frameless doors will also remain, a concept-door feature, although I could be wrong about that.

    Also… looking at the spyshots of the revealed mini, this is supposed to be the new mini… couldn't they clean up the lowr front fascia a little bit? something a little different?

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