More pictures of the 2014 Mazda3 sedan

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Another good looking compact sedan.
The market is getting crowded these days. As most offerings in the segment look pretty nice.

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  1. Simply Gorgeous!

    Easily the best looking vehicle in the compact class and I'm really liking the similarity the silhouette has to the (also very handsome) Dodge Dart.

  2. Sadly, the curve of the upper greenhouse doesn't match the curve of the roof and rear window.. I'm sure that is intentional to enhance rear headroom (the Volkswagen CC has the same syndrome) but it looks a bit odd from some angles, particularly in the bottom photo. I doubt it will bother me for long though.. this is definitely the first sporty compact "4-door coupe" since the Integra!

  3. All these new compacts wouldn't look this good if the current Elantra hadn't broken through with knockout styling a few years back. Even Corolla -the favorite of those who consider their car just another appliance, has embraced high-style. What a great time for car-lovers!

  4. Its reminding me of a much better Acura ILX design – one not intended for geriatrics… more like what a new Acura Integra 4dr would look like if Acura and Honda weren't so completely screwed up.

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