New Hyundai/Kia compact crossover?

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This was described to me as a Hyundai, but I really think it looks more like a Kia.
It reminds me of a big Soul more than anything else.

This sub-Sportage segment is really big in Europe. So of course Kia and Hyundai need to be part of it.
VW will be selling theirs in the US next year.

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  1. Wonder if Hyundai is getting a version of the Soul? It sure looks like the same greenhouse (except for the upper rear window cut) and the front fender is pretty close too, though the "vent" has disappeared.

  2. Hyundai Soul??? Do they really need it? I don;t understand why Hyundai and Kia are doing 1 for 1 with all of their products as of late. The only original ones left in each brand are the Veloster, Genesis Coupe/Sedan, Santa Fe (the big one) and the Quoris (which is in-between the Genesis and Equus as it should be). Still holding out for the production KIA GT based on who knows what.


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