Next VW Polo coming to the US

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VW will offer something smaller and cheaper than the Golf in the US.
The current generation was already rumored, years ago, to come over here. But it never happened.

The picture above is just an illustration of what the next Polo might look like.
It should come out in 2014. But who knows when it will actually be getting over here, as it is taking VW almost 2 years to bring us the Golf VII…

 These are pix of the current Polo. Which came out in 2009. It is the 5th generation, as the very 1st one came out in 1975.
So it’s nothing new…

 You can even get this SUV looking CrossPolo version.

 Or the super boring sedan.

And this cool GTI version.

The Polo is really a small Golf. Let’s hope they bring us over most versions, and not only the sedan.
The US does NOT need another super boring VW sedan.

And now, how about the Up!!!!

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  1. GTI? Not PTI? How would they differentiate this in the US?

    The sedan looks likea cross between the Jetta (Front) and the NMS Passat (the rest at just 1/2 scale).

    The front of the illustration almost looks like the new Ford EcoSport, but still looks good.

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. Thank you VW, all of the VW sedans are very basic and boring and amateurish. No refinement, styling panache or thought. As a competitor to VW , I must say….. Thank You!

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