Nissan Rogue test drive.

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 The current generation of the Rogue is in its last year. As
an all new model is coming out in a few months.

But I think it still looks pretty nice. The small Murano
design still works for me. It has been refined a little bit over the years,
with a new grille, better wheel designs etc.

 The first thing I noticed is that you still sit pretty high.
Too high for my taste. It always seems that the seat should be able to go
lower, but it doesn’t.

I guess that’s why I prefer wagons to SUVs…

 The interior is still mostly the same as when it came out.
Back in 2007. And it is still fine.

But most of the competition is now newer. So it does feel a
bit dated.
Quality inside is fine, nothing special, and the whole thing
is pretty roomy. The GPS screen is pretty small. But it is a cheap option.
The Bose stereo in my test car sounds really good.
The camera feature is fantastic. Good to see in an affordable car, as just a few years ago this was exclusive to Infiniti.

There is plenty or room inside, front and back.

 There is a Sport switch on the console. Which is a joke. The only thing I could notice is a slightly firmer steering. No more power or different CVT action. It is 100% useless. really…

The steering is Ok for this kind of car. It has that
Nintendo feel I don’t like. But now, so many cars have it that it almost seems
pointless to complain about it.
At least if feels fine driving down the freeway.
The ride is a bit firm for a family car.
Handling is something you notice, for not being that great.
The whole thing feels too high and narrow. Quite a bit tippy most of the time.
The 2.5 Liter engine is not the smoothest around. As a
matter of fact, it is one of the roughest around. It’s OK when cruising on the
highway, or going around town really slow.
But anything else revs it up to above 3000RPM, where it gets
pretty noisy and rough.
Plus, that noise doesn’t mean more power. As the CVT zips most of
it. So it basically feels pretty slow most of the time… Going up on steep hills can even be pretty scary. 
From my experience, Nissan CVTs can be great. When paired
with a powerful engine. Like their great V6. But in the Sentra and Rogue, it
just makes the car feel way too slow.
My loaded test car came at around $29 000. Which seems expensive, but not so much when you consider it to the competition. 
The Rogue has aged OK  I think. But it’s nothing special. It is now lost in a crowd of fine small SUVs.
I guess it is time for a new one… With more power please!

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  1. Another pile of cheap garbage from Nissan that will eventually fall appart, to the glee of their service departments who'll gladly biopsy your wallet.

    Seriously though – this thing has been garbage since it launched – and a dismal sales performer too boot.

    Nissan needs the next one to be a home run; unlike the Pathfinder, Sentra, Versa, JX35, Maxima, etc, etc, etc,….meaning, they REALLY need to figure the market out again – like they did in the early 2000's.

  2. A Bullet proof CUV that is reliable, great looking, has decent fuel economy , great space and is well finished. All this in this last iteration that will change soon as Vince Mentioned. That being said, you have to know that this, competes very well with the very newest from Toyota and Honda, ….so the Next one ( ALL-NEW) will be the leader for sure. If you drive the new Altima, you are driving the next Rogue in many ways. The next Rogue will be a class leader.

  3. Vince, I have to say that I agree with almost everything you had to say about the Rogue, especially about the useless "sport" button and the engine / trans combo being rough and quite lackluster. My girlfriend owns a 2012 Rogue that I happen to drive very often. I feel that your review mirrors my own options about Rogue… Not bad, but not great. The only things I can't comment on are the Bose sound system and back up camera because she doesn't have those options.

  4. The uneducated simpleton that posted the first response is lost, I own two. My wife and I travel for our jobs and both have Rogues. We use to have crvs. This thing is solid and very reliable and costs less to runny far than the crv.

  5. Nissan and bullet proof and reliable are not words that belong together. This is an average at best car that appeals to fleet sales who think Toyota's are too stylish

  6. The uneducated simpleton that posted the first response is lost, I own two. My wife and I travel for our jobs and both have Rogues. We use to have crvs. This thing is solid and very reliable and costs less to runny far than the crv.

    Really…..I post personal opinions on Nissans, based upon my personal ownership experiences, feedback from friends who've also owned them, and general observations based upon reviews that I've read in Consumer Report, Car and Driver – and I'm a simpleton.

    However, you do the exact same thing – and you're 'all knowing' and Nissan is omnipotent, and we should take your word as 100% fact. Right.

    Hey, if you've had good experiences, fantastic. However, don't fire off insults to people who have conflicting experiences with Nissans, including the Rogue. It marginalizes your opinion and makes you seem like an ass.

  7. This is an SUV that is so invisible, I never have given it any thought. It not necessarily ugly, but the design appears to valium induced and the interior quality appears to be typical Nissan. Not sure why anyone would consider it.

  8. Vince, well done and a very valid drive. I sell these and my customers are hugely loyal. They enjoy great fuel economy, safety and fantastic reliability. The new one will be the new very high water bench mark, trust me. I sold Hondas prior, I moved because I am now a sales manager ( better position) . Hondas are very good cars too but Nissans are a better built unit, period!
    Take that for what you will.

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