Not all Hondas have to be ugly: Honda Jade

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This is almost weird. A Honda designed for the Chinese market, that looks pretty good.
And it really looks like it would make a great Civic Wagon over here!

After the Chinese looking 2014 Fit, this is quite a surprise.

I remember back when the Civic used to come in many interesting flavors. Hatchback, wagon, CRX, Del Sol etc…
Now all we get is a super boring sedan and an “almost as boring” 2 door coupe…

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  1. This is a handsome vehicle. It's simple, clean modern lines are great. The smaller Honda GEAR concept had similar simplicity with just a hint of the early Civics. I had hopes that the GEAR show car hinted at the next Fit. Sadly, no.

    It's as if there are two design teams at Honda: the Good team and the Bizarro team. Inexplicably, Honda management buries the Good team's work and manufactures the Bizarro team's stuff.

  2. Agreed! I like this and would consider buying one. American Honda thinks we all want CRV's though or the Fit. WRONG! Put this with the 2.4L and a 6AT and it will sell like crazy.

  3. What I notice is this has the front styling of the Gen 8 grafted onto the cab forward Gen9 with Gen9's nice tailight setup (before they 2013'd it to look like a Corolla). Honda, Bring THIS to the US.

  4. Very nice, I would seriously look at buying a Honda if this was offered. It bugs me that to get utility I have to buy a Fit or a CRV…they offer nothing in between!

  5. Great looking square-back. In hybrid form would be a good first push against Prius (sorry, Insight ain't it).

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