Opel Monza Concept video teaser

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Kind of a long video that acts as a teaser for the all new Monza Concept.
the new Concept only appears past the 2 mn mark.

It seems nice, but also very much like a pure concept.
So it doesn’t look like we will be seeing anything like that in showrooms soon.
Which is too bad.

A RWD Cadillac ATS based Buick coupe would be great.

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  1. Bank on it…THIS is the new Riviera. Buick is hot, getting hotter and this will be their "halo" car. I also think we'll see the revival of some classic Buick names like Electra, Invicta…even Wildcat. Buick was kept alive and not just to linger-on with dull cars for "blue-hairs".

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