R.I.P: Nissan Altima Coupe

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There was no new coupe when the Altima was redesigned last year.
 The “old” design was carried over for one more year.
But there will be no Altima Coupe at all for the 2014 model year as Nissan is discontinuing that model.
Not sure yet if a new design will come out for the 2015 Model year.

Which would be nice. I always liked Coupes and am sad to see less and less on the roads.
Back in the days there used to be a 2 door version of almost every car. (And a wagon).

I test drove a couple of them and there were quite nice cars, and didn’t look like a 2 door sedan.
Nissan had taken the time to design a proper coupe. Just like they did with the G37.

So far there is no new Infiniti Q50 coupe coming up either. For 2014, the “old” G37 Coupe is being rebadged as the Q50 Coupe. But it’s the same car.
So there might not be a new one for a while….

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  1. Actually there have been spy shots of the Q60 coupe which replaces the G37 next year…..Google it, its been shown on several sites.

  2. Coupes for the masses are a losing proposition. They belong either in the upper end for rich old farts going through mid life crisis cured by showing up at he country club with an expensive coupe, or the lower end with those that cannot afford a 4 door.

  3. Anon 7/16 2:54 is anonymous for a reason. 2-doors are "personal" cars, what you buy when you don't need a 4-door, not because you can't afford one. Besides, the 2-doors are often more expensive.

  4. @Soul Brother No.7

    Um..I forgot a "REAL" 4 door. Next time you are riding your bicycle next to a low end coupe, and if you dare, check out who is driving them. But, do not stare, they might invite you to ride with them, bicycle and all.

  5. I'm on the program. No automatics for me. I was driving my 6-speed manuals when you were still polluting diapers and sucking your thumb. Just don't let us know what you graduated to, because I'm sure we can guess.

  6. The Altima has been a dowdy looking thing for the last two generations. And the coupe is even worse, because it's less practical than the sedan. Coupes are supposed to be sexy, and this one's not. And it's FWD, so yuck.

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