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Kind of strange they didn’t use a modified 2014 Camaro. Instead, redesigning a whole new front end.
Which, I think, looks great.

So good that the rest of the car looks old. And way too angular now.
But that new front end looks almost futuristic

Let’s hope this is a preview of what the all new 2016 Camaro will look like.

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  1. When the 2015 Mustang arrives next April, the Camaro will be a 1,000 pound overweight "pig" in comparison. The next Camaro, based on the Caddy ATS platform will be playing catch-up, just as the '67 Camaro was 2.5 years behind the first Mustang. I'd bet the next Camaro will also pay homage to the awesomely gorgeous 70 1/2 Camaro SS and RS with a Ferrari-like grille and sleeker, less "Sophia Vergara" looks…especially those "hips"!

  2. Looks like a 2000 Cavalier front clip grafted on a current Camaro…not really spectacular. I wouldn't hold my breath on the next Camaro taking on 2g retro look (which would be nice). Retro movement has reached the end of the line. Just look at the next Mustang it will have the Aston Martin grille and (euro) sleeker look.

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