VW Buggy Up! Concept heading for production?

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 The magazine Autocar claims the cute concept from 2 years ago will actually be produced. And its main market would be the US.
Which seems a bit weird. Since the Up! , on which this is based, isn’t sold here at all. That would mean shipping the car from Europe.
Plus, the appeal seems really limited. A 2 seater car with no roof and no doors.
They won’t sell us the Scirocco or the Polo, but they are sending this over?

Don’t get me wrong, I really love this design. And being based on the cheap 12 000 Euros Up! would make it pretty cheap as well.
But I really don’t think VW will actually produce this.

Although… Nissan went all the way into the bizarro world and did produce the Murano Cabrio, so why not….

This is the concept from a couple of years ago.
The patent designs are exactly the same. So I think they are of the concept, not a production car….

Too bad….

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  1. I wouldn't bet against it! VW has been taking great strides to win back owners after some bad years of problematic vehicles. This would sell like mad in sunbelt states as well as beach and desert resort areas. We need a new "Meyers Manx" and one that isn't a kit-car". This "buggy" is unique, gorgeous and would have much wider appeal than the open-top VW "Thing" from years ago which ironically sold pretty well in spite of being Ugh-A-lee! Go for it, VW…the waiting lists are probably being started even now.

  2. There's a bit of VW/Porsche 914 in the design. They should take it in that direction, see where it leads them.

  3. If VW wants a new retromobile, it NEEDS to produce the Microbus. The concept from the early 2000s still looks awesome, and even the last Eurovans sold in this country have barely depreciated.

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