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 No surprises. It is now the GX’s turn to get the new Lexus front end. I guess that means the aging trucky SUV will be around for another coupe of years or so.
Although Lexus is planning an all new 7 seater Crossover for next year. Similar to the Pathfinder based Infiniti QX60.

The lower pic is the 2013 model. As you can see they didn’t even upgrade the interior at all.
Still has that complicated/ugly/fake luxury 80’s style design.

The 2014 Model starts at around $50 000. Almost $5000 less than last year. A new “Luxury grade” version starts at around $60 000.
Still facing stiff of competition at these prices. From the previously mentioned $41 000 QX60 to the $63 000 Range Rover Sport.

Good luck…

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  1. Ugly truck with terrible proportions, and a tacky interior.

    On the other hand, there's a Land Cruiser hiding underneath that plastic-surgery disaster. It's probably a pretty good truck, if you are a South American drug lord hiding out in the Amazonian rain forest.

  2. Anonymous 11:33,

    The GX is based on the Land Cruiser Prado (120 Series), which is the great-grandchild of the FJ40.

    The LX is based on the Land Cruiser wagon (200 Series), grandchild of the FJ60.

    Both are known as Land Cruisers in the rest of the world.

  3. Spindle is in itself an off-putting word. Used to describe Lexus's current front looks increases the perjorative nature of the ugliness, what ever it is named. Give Lex credit for daring to try something new and different. In this iteration, it looks forced and clumsy and doesn't work. It would be intriguing to try and help out by designing a somehow attractive version of the hour glass (a much nicer term than the above) shape, better sculpted into front composition.

  4. If there was any doubt that Lexus no longer wants this vehicle in its lineup, this should make it clear. The big question is whether its 7-seat replacement will be based on a stretched RX/Highlander platform, or will simply be a Lexusized version of the 2015 Sequoia. Either one could work at the $55-60K price point.

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